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The redhead behind the camera


I'm a moment mogul with the knack to line dance + party with you. You just met your photographer + a friend for life!

I'm the one behind the emails (emojis + memes, you name it) and the one who loses the fight against the urge to use "yaaaas." You can bet i'll be cheering you on behind the camera - hype woman here. While freeze-framing your moments is my name, making sure you feel comfortable, cared for, + like you're living your absolute best life is my game.

I've owned my business full-time for three rewarding years now but have been in the industry for six. Fun fact, I lit my hair on fire once during a reception, it grew back so it's now a story I tell that ends with a lot of laughter + heads shaken.

I grew up in a small town North of St. Louis but married a man in uniform which called me to the heart of the Franklin Mountains & tacos, El Paso, Texas. I love it here but will travel to wherever you choose to say "I do!"

My goal is to capture your wedding the way that you designed it in your head + brought to life so that you can love on the moments for the rest of your life.

I can’t wait to hug you + preserve your love for years to come.










When should we expect our gallery?

Engagement + elopement galleries are delivered within 2 weeks. Wedding galleries are delivered within 6 weeks but you’ll receive a sneak peek the next day!


What gear do you use?

I use a Canon Mark 5D IV + a Canon 6D that I pair with several focal length lenses to add variety into your gallery + to capture your day flawlessly! I also have a nifty harness that holds both my cameras so I can be ready at all times.


Do you travel?

Yes, yes, yes!! I have traveled to Missouri, Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Nebraska, + several other states. I’m always willing to go wherever you go!


Can I print the photos I receive?

Of course! I include a personal print release so that you are able to print your moments whenever + at whatever size you want. I got you if you want to order gorgeous museum quality items though, too!


PSA: You’re not awkward!

I hear this ALLLLL the time. Unless you’re the couple that loves to live in those awkward moments (hi, I see you!) You are NOT awkward & I promise that you won’t feel that way. While being in front of the camera may not be something that you do everyday (if you are, own it) so while it’s common for you to think that you’re awkward, you don’t know what to do, or even if you don’t feel this way & just want a little bit of direction - I got you! I’ll appeal to your love, what makes you smile, laugh, cry - i’m here to bring it all out. This doesn’t mean to say that I don’t know when to let you do your thing though, either. You do you, i’m here in those moments to be silent + a fly on the wall, but also in the moments where I need to be more hands on, too.