Vinny + Klaudia | Golden Hour Desert Couples Session in El Paso | El Paso Engagement Photographer

I always get the question “is it okay if we include our dogs for a portion of the session?” The answer: YAAAAS. A million times yes. Our three rescue pups are absolutely one of the major focuses of our family so I get that your fur babies could be yours too, it’s also so sentimental to have photographs to look back on because it seems like our moments with them can be fleeting (okay, i’ll stop now before I start thinking about life without our dogs).

Vinny + Klaudia are two of the amazing friends that we’ve made here. Not only are they our friends, but their pups, Bo + Duke are our dogs friends as well so it works out perfectly. Since this space is a little off the beaten path, we met up beforehand so they could follow me out to the location, upon arrival the dogs were extremely excited to be in a new space + get to explore a bit.

Then they got to take a break + relax while we moved to the portion of the session sans the furry friends. With the Franklin Mountains in the distance + these two + their playful demeanor, we had all the fun + utilized the gorgeous golden light as the sun was setting.

It is always important to me when my couple’s choose to hire me, but having friends trust their moments to me is also a big compliment, it also gets me all giddy knowing the next time I get to visit, their photographs will likely be displayed in their home in some way - to me, that’s so stinkin’ cool!