Joe + Nyesha | Dramatic White Sands Couples Session | White Sands Engagement Photographer

I’m always extremely excited when couple’s hire me for their moments. It’s one of my favorite parts of being in this business. It’s not a feeling that has gone away in three years of doing this full-time + many more before that & I have a feeling that it never will.

An even bigger honor is when a fellow photographer chooses me to be their photographer. Nyesha reached out to me wanting to have anniversary photographs done of herself + her hubby in one of the most notable locations a little less than two hours outside of El Paso - White Sands National Monument. She selected a gorgeous lace gown to match Joe’s pristine uniform making the dunes the second best looking! They also decided on a less formal outfit to add a bit of contrast & her gorgeous flowy emerald green skirt did just that against the stark white sands!