Jassan + Christine | An Intimate Wedding at Los Portales | El Paso Wedding Photographer

"Wouldn't it be cliche to say these two met in a bar?"

When I first met Jassan + Christine for their engagement pictures, I never began to think these two as an ordinary couple, and let me tell you - they are not. They laughed with might, and genuinely moved with grace around one another. I could tell they were meant to be from the moment I met them - they have that way about them. The way that makes you think that they were designed for one another and destined to meet. 

I always ask my couples to share a little bit of their love story with me. It helps me capture the authenticity that naturally comes between the two; a language that only they speak. It would only do a disservice to these two lovers to put their story into words. So instead, sharing Christine's recollection of how they met and came to be is more fitting.

In the bride's own words:

 "One night Jassan went out dancing with friends and so did Christine. Not soon after walking into the place did Christine have her eyes set on Jassan. This is Christine's favorite part of the story: She went to ask Jassan to dance and he was speechless -- he didn't say a word! Jassan's friend answered for him ("YES, HE WOULD LOVE TO!") and the two took the dance floor."

Destined? I think yes. Same place, same time, and the rest soon became history. 

On the afternoon of March 18th, 2017 at 5:00 in the evening on the beautiful grounds of Los Portales, New Mexico, Jassan + Christine said "I do" to one another. But not before the vows that made everyone in attendance tear up and then chuckle, too. My favorite line that made for a very mushy photographer? "I promise to be the big spoon every once and awhile." As Christine made her husband-to-be and everyone else, smile and laugh.

These two kissed and snuggled into each other the whole day with ease, sharing every bit of celebration with their friends and family. The venue echoed with laughter and good times.

What is your favorite thing about your bride?

Jassan: "Her laugh and smile. Her laugh is warm to my ears and her smile is just so contagious."

What is your favorite thing about your groom?

Christine: "I love how dedicated he is. Everything he does, he does with his whole heart - even loving me."

 I quickly began to notice that their favorite things about one another rung so true from the day that I met them, to their day as they joined each other in marriage, and can bet that years from now as their time as husband and wife flourishes and grows, that those words will still ring true as they build a life together!

Jassan + Christine | El Paso Wedding | Los Portales, New Mexico | Sparrow & Gold Photography | An El Paso Wedding Photographer

If you ask me, of course these two were a match made in heaven, cause they definitely had some dance moves!

Venue: Los Portales + Cake/Desserts:  Greggerson's Cake Cottage + Dress: David's Bridal + Shoes: Betsy Johnson + Invitations/Paperie: Katelyn Tuning 

A special thanks to Jess Jones from Jess Jones Photography for assisting me in documenting this beautiful day!




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