William + Taylor | A Moody Desert Engagement Session | El Paso Engagement Photographer

In honor of these two tying the knot on Saturday, I am finally getting around to sharing their adventurous desert engagement session in the middle of nowhere Texas! Trust me, this road is popular for off-roading & the span of views with the mountains + the never ending roads leading across Texas, yet can not be found easily on a map. I'm pretty dang happy about it, & I think these two were too! The view of the Franklin Mountains, the quiet hum of the evening, the sweet smiles, & playful banter made photographing them an absolute breeze. From two-stepping with one another to cuddling up among the cacti that are so abundant in the open spaces of the west to piggy back rides, these two sunk into one another effortlessly as their laughter filled the air - I promise it was a rare occasion when the sound of laughter could not be heard. It was better than any music that could have been played. We spent a short time talking as we waited for the sun to make its way lower in the sky for that killer golden hour glow, so naturally I had to hear their love story, the story that brought them to where they are. These two lovers met on a dating app & both recall feeling absolute comfort around one another right away due to their goofy nature or as they call it, their "weirdness!" 

What I call it?


It made my heart happy when they both mentioned that when you know, you know & I promise that with a love like theirs, anyone with eyes definitely knows!




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