What others are saying

I could go on & on about the experience that I provide but hearing from others that have been in your shoes is big! With over 50 reviews between Facebook, Google, + WeddingWire - you can see for yourself!


Luke + Rachael.

"Jessica was absolutely incredible. There are many photographers that can take your pictures and edit them to look good. Where she stands above the rest is purely her character & personality. Gathering up two sides of family in a large yard can be crazy and would easily be considered stressful - but Jess was so calm and collected it was easy to find myself calmer because of her presence. She is definately the most patient & easy-going photographer I have ever encountered. She was thorough to be sure that every detail we wanted was captured exactly how we wanted. She was sure to throw her own artistic and whimsical twist in there as well, making our collection of photos one we will cherish a lifetime. For our engagement session I told her how awkward of a couple we were and she made it so fun & enjoyable. We both we stunned to see that so much time had passed because it seemed like we had only just got there. She makes the photos memorable when you are taking them so it does not just seem like a task to get done. She braves it all - we made her trek up a huge hill, into the woods, through some poision ivy in adorable heeled booties and all she could say is "I just love my job." If this doesn't convince you that using Jess is a nobrainer& great investment, look at her photos. How many people can use such a wide variety of people & places and naturally edit them so that they still look like themselves, just at their most beautiful. Those people are geniunely laughing and smiling. Imagine looking at your photos and remembering what you were lauging at and smiling about! That is what I will truly cherish! I am in awe of my photos and still smile ear to ear looking at my engagement photos from 8 months ago remembering how happy it makes me! I will gawk over our wedding photos the rest of our lives thanks to Jess."


Alex + Allie.

"Jess is not only a fantastic photographer but a great lady through and through. Before our shoot, she met up with us for lunch so we could get a better idea on what to expect from our shoot as this was our first time ever working with a photographer. She answered all of our questions, gave pointers, and helped us solidify our location. As monsoon season was in full swing, Jess was super flexible and suggested we move our evening shoot to an early morning shoot and we couldn't be happier with the lighting or time of day. She made us feel super comfortable during the shoot and was very speedy in sending us our portfolio; which we're JUST ETHEREAL, and STUNNING! We look forward to working with her in the future if we get the chance."


Ej + Kimber.

"My fiancé and I just received our gallery and are blown away. Jessica brought my whimsical vision to life and captured every moment with my family so perfectly. She went above and beyond to make us comfortable and she was such a pleasure to work with. She was so consultative from suggesting the most beautiful locations to having so many creative ideas and poses. We are obsessed with the pictures. They are stunning! I can't wait for another session in the future!"