Sparrow & Gold Photography
Sparrow & Gold Photography

To our S&G Brides & Grooms

To ensure that we capture your special day flawlessly here are a few tips to know beforehand:

1. Make sure there is natural light in the rooms where the bride & groom will be getting ready (window light!) This makes a WORLD of difference in your photographs. Promise!

2. If possible, please have all the bride & groom details together before arrival of photographer (dress, jewelry, shoes, bouquet, garter, veil, etc!) This will make the detail shots more efficient!

3. Keep the area near the window free of any clutter - trash, bags, snacks, etc. This will be where the bride is putting on her dress!

4. Allow more time than you think to get ready! It is way better to be safe than rushed!

5. RELAX & HAVE FUN. You are getting married!!!