You work hard for your money

I promise I do too. 

Photography is my heart + soul.

These investments reflect all the planning, photographing, editing, social media stuff, gear (cameras + lenses ain't cheap y'all), knowledge that I bring to the table, + all the techy stuff that goes on behind the scenes.
This also pays the bills, gives my fur babies + baby girl a backyard to play in, + fuels my french fry addiction + so I can create a cozy space for my sweet fam bam!

 P.s. Don't let the numbers scare you though, You deserve an experience that is perfectly tailored to your rad day so that your dream wedding also fits your realistic budget 

P.s.s. please just remember to make a mental note that this is my livelihood 😘


Engagements starting at $450

2019 Wedding Collections starting at $2200

Elopements starting at $600