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This is about you. This is about your story. No matter where you are in the world.

Lovey-dovey love, romantic comedy love, best friend love, laugh until milk comes out of your nose love. No matter your love story + your love language - i'm the beer drinking, line dancing photographer who wants to capture your badass wedding day & do everything to make it the best day of your lives. When it comes to the biggest day of your life, I got you on documenting it all on camera so that your whole day is spent soaking it all up from making sure there's a drink in your hand to laughing it up with your best pals by your side.

 My approach is authentic in a way that I capture your moments as they happen with a nice little handful of the pretty stuff in-between (sometimes that means guiding you in what I know will look the best so you proudly display these images in your home for years to come) but then also making sure that those traditional shots are a priority too because it's not everyday you have all of your loved ones under one roof (or tent or no roof at all - you do you!) To be honest, I am the photographer that won't be dry-eyed during your vows but then will dance out on the dance floor with you at your reception to get those killer party shots. The photographer that will jump into a lake fully clothed to get the shot or hike 10 miles to your favorite spot. 

Based out of El Paso, Texas but always willing to hop in a car or on a plane!

The good stuff 


What I believe

When it comes down to it, your day is more than just a day. While your wedding day is the best day of your life - all that leads up to it takes a hand in making it all that it is. The moment you two met, realizing that you met your person, the proposal (& saying yes a billion times over), picking out your dress, selecting your besties to be by your side, + planning the big day. I'm here to gush (& I mean GUSH) over all of those details with you - even if that means emailing me at midnight to squeal about the florist who is going to make magic with your favorite flower or over the dress that you can't imagine not wearing! Hiring me doesn't mean i'll just show up on your big day - it means i'll show up for you through the entire process & afterwards too. After the last song is played at your reception, i'll still be here to deliver the moments so that your favorite day never ends. 

Because being your wedding photographer means so much more to me than clicking a button. I'll make sure your drink is fully topped off, your hair + makeup are on point all day, + that you enjoy the rad party that you threw!


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Humble brag: I think i'm pretty cool - but I know it goes a lot further hearing about the experience I bring to the table!

2018 Adventures

Don't see your city on here? Let's change that! 😉  

Mesilla, New Mexico | May 11th

Albuquerque, New Mexico | May 12th - 13th

St. Louis, Missouri | June 15th - June 17th



Albuquerque, New Mexico | August 17th

St. Louis, Missouri | August 18th - August 20th

St. Louis, Missouri | October 12th - October 14th

St. Louis, Missouri | October 26th - November 4th

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