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Your love is extraordinary + unique - i'm the photographer who wants to freeze frame that in time + make sure you get your party + eat your cake, too. When it comes to your wedding day - you live the moments, I document them in an authentic way. All while making sure you are living your day to the fullest + looking your best. 
You focus on marrying your person, i'll preserve it and make sure you can look back on them for the rest of your lives. I'll likely eat cake + line dance with you too. Just sayin'.

Based out of El Paso, Texas but always willing to hop in a car or on a plane!


Here's the deal

When it comes down to it, your day is more than just a day. While your wedding day is the best day of your life - all that leads up to it takes a hand in making it all that it is. The moment you two met, realizing you met the kiki to your drake, + all of the moments that will forever be your favorites. I'm here to gush (& I mean GUSH) over all of those details with you. Cause of course i'll be there on your big day - but it means i'll show up for you through the entire process & then deliver photographs that will leave you speechless, too. I'm that gal.

Because being your wedding photographer means so much more to me than clicking a button. I'll make sure your drink is fully topped off, your hair + makeup are on point all day, + that you enjoy the rad party that you threw!


PSA: You’re not awkward!

Unless you’re the couple that loves to live in those awkward moments (hi, I see you!) You are NOT awkward & I promise that you won’t feel that way. While being in front of the camera may not be something that you do everyday (if you are, own it) so while it’s common for you to think that you’re awkward, you don’t know what to do, or even if you don’t feel this way & just want a little bit of direction - I got you! I’ll appeal to your love, what makes you smile, laugh, cry - i’m here to bring it all out. This doesn’t mean to say that I don’t know when to let you do your thing though, either. You do you, i’m here in those moments to be silent + a fly on the wall, but also in the moments where I need to be more hands on, too.


I’m so glad you’re here!

I think that choosing a photographer is SO important. For the biggest moment of your lives (hello, getting married is a big freakin’ deal) finding someone that you vibe with, someone that can make you comfortable, that brings out those raw + emotion filled/ funny moments between you + your love. I’m all for that. To be honest, i’m completely unafraid to be goofy. I refuse to treat your love like its anything but unique - what works + brings out those moments you want on camera won’t always work for someone else - I love that about love. In fact, it’s one of my favorite parts! Getting you to dance, making silly faces at one another, tickle fights, + leaning foreheads together so that you have one eye or magically look into YOUR person’s eyes during sunset (pretty romantic, y’all!) - this is a little peek into what it looks like to be in front of my lens.

Let’s bond over coffee, dogs, wedding details, + whatever sets your soul on fire!


Pictures are cool, but see what other couples have said:

Humble brag: I think i'm pretty cool - but I know it goes a lot further hearing about the experience I bring to the table!

Upcoming travel :

St Louis, Missouri / December 16th - January 10th

Oahu, Hawaii / February 18th - 28th

Lubbock, Texas / June 1st


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