Sparrow & Gold Photography
Sparrow & Gold Photography
Photograph by Jess Jones of  Jess Jones Photos

Photograph by Jess Jones of Jess Jones Photos


What to Expect from me:

1. Quick responses. You can count on me returning your email, text, phone call, or insta DM within 24 hours but my response time can be as quick as 20 minutes! Being prompt is something I pride myself on because I want you to know how excited I am to be your photographer (if only I could video the happy dances + send them to you!) You are my #1 priority. 

2. This isn't something you do everyday. I know because I was in your shoes as a bride myself. My husband, Andrew, is my soulmate in this life. Three years ago we tied the knot & it was the most special day of our lives. While we enjoyed our little bubble of shear bliss on our day, I can only attribute that to our family + our amazing vendors (especially our photographer) for being there by our side to ensure everything went smoothly & we'd remember that day forever. I can guarantee I will be that person you can look to when you need anything.

3. Complete transparency. This pretty much explains itself but I will always be up-front with you, that means that if you have a question, I will give you the full rundown so that you are left with zero questions at the end. I'm not a cell phone company (it's okay to laugh with me on that one!) so understanding the experience that I provide & the quality of service that you will be receiving is essential.

4. I'll do anything for you! (& I mean anything!) - that can extend as far as helping you into your dress if you need it, fixing a bridesmaids dress or bowtie, to running to grab your vows for you (it's happened before - thank you running track in high school for coming in handy long after!) I am here for you & here to do everything in my power so that your day is the best day ever. 

5. I will get out on that dance floor with you during the reception to get the best dance shots, hug & laugh with you + your family, + drink a beer or your drink of choice with you if you ask. This is your day to celebrate & while I have an important part of documenting it - i'll be there also honoring you.


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Hi! I'm Jess  - The el paso wedding, elopement, portrait photographer gal of your dreams! 

I'm super honored to your photographer.

I'm the one behind the emails (emojis + memes, you name it) and the one who loses the fight against the urge to use "yaaaas" - at least until a better phrase that is at my level of being thrilled comes along, although i'm not sure that's possible!

I've owned my business full-time for almost three years now but have been in the industry for six years & it's the most rewarding thing. So much so that I once lit my hair on fire while photographing a reception because I was so excited to get the shot. Don't worry - it grew back! I started my journey as a wedding photographer in St. Louis, Missouri where I grew up but have since moved West (#militarywifelife) & am consistently in awe of the mountain + desert landscape that we now call home. Thanks El Paso!

While I love documenting that special day you say "I do!" I'm a sucker for all moments & do a little bit of everything from family sessions to cuddling those snuggly newborns in your home because I believe our life should be captured to look back on at all stages!

I'm overwhelmingly giddy to get to know you (no seriously, you should see the happy dances when I hear from you!) - so here's a few things that i'd like to share: i'm a military wife so I have the knack for making the best out of every place we live. We currently live in El Paso, Texas & it is by far my favorite place I have lived so far (sorry Missouri + Florida). My rescue fur babies (+ our little one on the way) complete me. It's almost shameful how many times i've watched How I Met Your Mother all the way through - anything that makes me laugh is my favorite but give me the remote & you won't be surprised if I put on HIMYM. I take a little bit too much creamer + sugar in my coffee & will never turn down a good hike but also refuse to underestimate a good Netflix binge + cuddles with my hubby + baby girl. 

Want to take a look into my personal + business life?

 Instagram | @sparrowandgold

Photograph by Amanda Rae of  Amanda O'Neill Photography

Photograph by Amanda Rae of Amanda O'Neill Photography