Marc + Allison | An Intimate Elopement at Hueco Tanks | El Paso Elopement Photographer

The “I just want to marry” him/her vibe from these two gave me all the life. We brainstormed over several locations over email before Allison made the trip out to Hueco & instantly knew she found the spot where she’d say “I do!” to her favorite person.

Upon arriving at the park, due to the famous & historic pictographs + petroglyphs, there are only a select amount of guests allowed in at a time. Once finding out that we were set to wait in a line of people that would take upwards of 2.5 hours to enter the park, Marc + Allison looked to me for Plan B because they just wanted to be married. I mentioned to Franklin Mountains because it had a similar aesthetic but crossed my fingers that maybe speaking with the park rangers would help so making our way into the office with hopeful hearts, the director of the park gave us happy news that he’d have a ranger escort us so they could get married in the place they had their sights set on. 

A short hike + walk later we were at their ceremony spot where within a few minutes Allison’s dad performed the ceremony + announced them officially married! Since their closest family + friends made the journey to be a part of their day we of course had to snag those important family/friend formals (+ a photograph with the park ranger to forever keep) then we got to explore around a bit before we just knew it was time for them to head off to celebrate + eat!

Here’s some of my favorites from their day!