Kyle + Natalie | A Dreamy Franklin Mountains Surprise Proposal | El Paso Proposal Photographer

It isn’t Breakfast at Tiffanys but it’s just as romantic plus Kyle picked out the most gorgeous ring donned in that Tiffany blue box!

Kyle reached out to me about proposing to Natalie, he had a friend help him do the research on photographers so luckily they decided on me. Funny enough, I was still in the mama + baby room where I gave birth cause our little one was born the day before, I told him that i’d love to but was currently celebrating the birth of our baby girl + soaking up all the snuggles so i’d get in touch again soon so we could chat details. Soon enough we set up a time to meet up to go over everything, his vision, the plan, + we set up a code word “candids” for the session as Natalie was made to believe it was an anniversary photo session. So what was supposed to be a sushi outing was actually a meetup to plan the proposal!!

Fortunately, we had a backup plan as Kyle had originally wanted to use another location but due to maintenance issues it was closed the day of. A little nervous but still happy + confident about the plan, Kyle hopped off the phone with me in anticipation to ask the love of his life to marry him soon.

Upon arrival, Natalie was warm + so kind. I knew she was the perfect match for him just meeting her moments before which made me smile so hard. We took some traditional shots + poses before I placed them carefully in a spot (luckily it was with Natalie facing toward the mountain) so that he could get down on one knee + ask her that coveted question! I say luckily because as he bent down, Natalie stepped back + almost fell out of shock but her man caught her like a scene out of a movie before saying the sweetest things to her.

Her reaction was GOLD. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tearing up behind the camera because she was beyond elated, shocked, amazed, + over the moon.

We captured a handful more of them as an officially engaged couple before Kyle whisked her off in a fancy car (someone close to them had come to take the car they came in) to dinner to celebrate!

Natalie loved these so much she sent them into How They Asked + they published them on their blog. So be sure to click on this to read what she had to say about it all! ❤️

Also so, so excited to be chosen as their wedding photographer, too! Their wedding day is exactly a year from today in Massachusetts! Happy one year away from your big day, you two!