Brian + Katelyn | Golden Drenched Franklin Mountains Couples Session | El Paso Couples Photographer

When an adventurous couple asks for a session at the mountains, you give them a session below & ON the mountains. Brian + Katelyn wanted to document their time in El Paso before they continued their journey to Hawaii. Yes, you heard me right, HAWAII! From the gorgeous flat desert to the beautiful island filled with palm trees + a different kind of climate. I met Katelyn at the beautiful wedding of her friend Lindsey + fell in love with her talent as a jewelry-maker - I went a little fan girl when I met her in person. Sorry, Katelyn! If you want to obsess over it too, you can find her Etsy shop here. 

Katelyn + Brian's vision was to bring the breathtaking Franklin Mountains as a centerpiece into their couple's photographs & they had the perfect location in mind - a frequent hiking spot in El Paso. Upon arrival, these two instantly stunned me with their overwhelming sense of welcoming spirit + quirky, remarkable love for one another. Photographing couple's holds a special place in my heart because it pushes me to document their love that is unique to them - the song + beat that only they know. These two showed endearment by laughter, jokes, + striving to bring a smile to one another. You can bet there was smiles behind the camera too, watching these two interact as if they did every day with each other was a bit magical to me. Here's a look into their magical mountainside photographs!





Sparrow & Gold Photography is run by Jessica Rivera & focuses largely on the in-between moments + capturing beautiful, authentic memories. She is a sucker for the unique love stories + traveling to the ends of the earth to document them while living in the southwest corner of Texas in El Paso.