Lorenzo + Edweniz | A Romantic Chic Tented Wedding at Grace Gardens | El Paso Wedding Photographer

Living in El Paso has taught me a lot of things, I have added some vocabulary to my Spanish, most days you won't find a cloud in the sky living in the desert, paletas are absolutely delicious, & a trio is an obvious give away for three musical members performing. 

When Edweniz + I first spoke on the phone, she taught me a few of those things about our home here in El Paso, one of them was giving me the run down of what a trio is. I should probably be embarrassed by that - the word explains itself, but it's okay. I'm all about learning new things, bring on the lesson! Edweniz went on to tell me that her husband & herself had tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with their closest family but now they were ready for a party to celebrate their marriage with all of their friends + family - let me tell you, it was nothing short of that - a party!

Lorenzo + Edweniz's day was filled with treats for their guests - decked out with a full buffet of appetizers, an eye-catching candy table, + coolers full of colorful paletas (I blame them for my newfound addiction!)

Hosted on the gorgeous grounds of Grace Gardens I was blown away by the fact that the area was decked out in grass (okay, being from the desert, you start to truly appreciate greenery) & a bridge leading over to a small island with water surrounding it. The venue is picturesque on it's own, but add a couple that is completely & madly in love + on fire for each other? SWOON - all eyes on them!

Following family portraits, I snuck the two of them away for portraits of their own. As we were wrapping up with the sunset drenched location, Lorenzo said "this reminds me so much of La La Land right now." So we made his dreams come true, I asked him to dance with Edweniz as the sun set & it was a sight for sore eyes to say the least. As they finished their dance together, we made our way to the venue where they would celebrate with their loved ones, so they could take a peek at all of their hard work + planning come to life. The covered tent was adorned by white tablecloths + dashes of elegant candles & roses throughout with a shocking chandelier in the center. Their real life fairytale.

As their family + friends arrived it was apparent how adoring they were as they beamed with pride over the newlyweds & it made my heart soar to see how loving they were to each & every one of their guests - greeting each with smiles, hugs, & overwhelming sense of love. 

Congratulations to the Vega's, may your life be full of laughter, love, & light. 

Psssst: When the wedding is in Texas & there's Whattaburger & the bride wants Whattaburger, the bride gets Whattaburger!